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2024 Studiothewon Recruitment

We are an architectural firm whose main business is architectural design projects.


We carry out various projects ranging from small-scale buildings with single programs such as detached houses to public buildings with multiple uses.

We deal with all structures applicable to modern buildings, such as RC, steel frame, wooden structure, and mixed structure, and are collaborating with competent engineers at home and abroad.


Upon joining the company, you will have the opportunity to be involved in the overall project, such as site survey, meeting with the client, supervision of the construction process, and on-site guidance, by participating from the start of the project. You will come across an opportunity to do so.

Qualifications for application


   University graduation

   Graduated from a 4-year or higher degree in architecture

   Born after 1990

working conditions

   You can choose between working 4 days a week or working 5 days a week.

   Work start date: To be discussed

   Salary: To be discussed

   Accommodation available for residents of other regions


Selection method

   - primary document

      Resume including motivation for applying & portfolio (Until February 21, 2024)

   - 2nd interview

      We will contact you individually.

preferential treatment

   Atelier experience

   Able to drive

   For those familiar with collaboration



   Regardless of gender / Regardless of nationality (Those who can speak Korean or English)

   We are looking for talented people to study and grow together.

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